Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miss Princess, Kirstin.

Our 11 year old neice, Kirstin decided to run for Princess from her hometown days..there was her and another young girl running along with the Queen's court and the Jr. Princess court. We decided to surprise her and show up for the show. Little to our surprise she was chosen! You should have heard her speech she was the best speech there of the entire night..even from the older high school girls who ran for queen..I was shocked! I did not know she could write the well for being only 11 years old. We were all so proud of Kristin. We love you!

Kirstin had just been crowned the 2009 Princess..I love her smile of excitement here!

Of course Nolan could not stop eyeing those cookies that sat behind us all night and he was so happy when he could finally sample his fair share of cookies and

Tim, such a proud daddy momment for him with Kirstin!

Grandma and Princess Kirsten

Landon, Aunt Laura and Kirstin

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Charisse said...

Nolan and the cookies....too CUTE!!