Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ian's Surprise 7th Madagascar Birthday Party!

Jim and I kept the secret from the boys that we were surprising Ian with a birthday party..we decided to do it on Whacky Wednesday (early release day from school) so we held it from 2 til 4pm at a new location in the was called Extreme fun..we had the entire place to ourselves and the party..we had around 20 kids and their parents..the kids loved the Madagascar theme and the party was a blast...and Ian was in complete shock when we realized what was happening..I picked up Nolan's best friend for the afternoon along with Norah and I feed them lunch at the food court that afternoon..Nolan said to me "mom is there a birthday party that is going to be happening?" he is 5..I laughed so him! Thank you to all the guests who were able to attend the party!

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